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Here you can download some good ebooks about Trading. All for free!

1. 9 Types of Forex Trading System
: Title explains it!

2. Forex Trader E-Book
: Explaining all the basics for FOREX.

3. 8and8
: For trading Forex Daily Charts.

4. 5/13/62
: Good advices for Beginners of Trading Forex.

5. Fibbonaci methods for Forex Trading
: Explaining how to use Fibonaci!

6. Formation for profit chart patterns
: Explaining every kind of chart patterns.

7. Identify the Trend part1

   Identify the Trend part2

8. Pivot Point Trading
: Method to trade Pivot Points.

9.a) Scalping Cheet Sheets
: Learn to Scalp the market.
  b) Scalping Methods

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